Fontijne Holland – Experts for Sustainability

Work in progress

Work in progress at Fontijne Holland BV

We are proud to show the work in progress on our shop floor!

Fontijne Holland is busy to start-up:

·         A preparation line for the production of rings which will be used for the production of light truck wheels.

·         A production line for the production of rims for small trailer wheels.


Both lines are equipped with features to reduce the energy consumption of the production process of steel wheels.


Fontijne Holland: Experts for Sustainability!

Electrical rollformer

Fully electrically operated rollformer

FONTIJNE HOLLAND BV develops successfully

Fontijne Holland is proud to announce that it has sold the first fully electrically operated rollformer for passenger car wheels.
Fontijne Holland have developed the fully electrically operated rollformers to fulfil requirements which are nowadays less related to product quality, cycle time and change over time, but much more in relation to reduction energy consumption, a lower CO2 footprint and sustainability.
The new designed fully electrically operated rollformers answers ALL these requirements!

Herewith a reduction of more than 40% of electricity at a profiling line for passenger car rims will be realized in relation to fully hydraulic operated rollformers.
For truck and commercial vehicle wheels, the reduction will be more than 50%!

Herewith Fontijne Holland supports its customers as technology leader in the steel wheel production industry, without any quality compromises, to reduce energy and improves the carbon footprint of wheels on a sustainable way.

Save up to 66% of energy

New website

FONTIJNE HOLLAND BV launches new website

FONTIJNE HOLLAND determines new paths

Oct.’23: Fontijne Holland is proud to present that our new website is launched this week.

The website reflects the direction Fontijne Holland has taken to make the production processes with Fontijne Holland machines more sustainable and energy efficient.
The development of these machines has started, and we keep you informed about the progress of our sustainable solutions.

We would like to thank Dr. Julia Ingwald of Ivaya for her great support to develop the new website!

We invite you to take a look at our new website.


From the beginning

From the start of Fontijne in September 1909 until today, entrepreneurial skills and technical know-how are in the dna of the machine factory. But these qualities alone do not build a company over a period of more than a 100 years. Determination is a decisive factor.

Starting out as a repair shop for ship engines in Schiedam Andries Fontijne transformed his small company in a succesful business building on entrepreneurial talent, sensible management and determination.

Breaking barriers

His sons Jo and Bram Fontijne and the third generation André Fontijne focused on technical innovation. Over one hundred years after it was founded, Fontijne has become an innovative and leading company in production equipment and processes within the wheel production line business.

When Andries Fontijne set up his small ship repair business, he might not have been thinking about mechanical engineering. The Netherlands did not have a tradition in developing machines, but imported equipment from abroad. In fact, a character description of a Dutch industrialist did not exist. The idea was that investing in patents would be a waste of money. Why invest in new technology when properly working machines could be bought against competitive prices from abroad?

Service Fontijne

Paving the way for innovation

Fontijne did invest in new technology and paved the way for innovation. The Fontijne factory on the Boterstraat in the centre of Schiedam was well known. There was always something going on like a machine that was hoisted up, ships moored on the quay and customers and employees coming and going. Almost all the employees lived in Schiedam.

With determination, entrepreneurship and innovative management Fontijne has become what it is today: skilled experts through experience that dare to break barriers.