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Fully electrically operated rollformer

FONTIJNE HOLLAND BV develops successfully

Fontijne Holland is proud to announce that it has sold the first fully electrically operated rollformer for passenger car wheels.
Fontijne Holland have developed the fully electrically operated rollformers to fulfil requirements which are nowadays less related to product quality, cycle time and change over time, but much more in relation to reduction energy consumption, a lower CO2 footprint and sustainability.
The new designed fully electrically operated rollformers answers ALL these requirements!

Herewith a reduction of more than 40% of electricity at a profiling line for passenger car rims will be realized in relation to fully hydraulic operated rollformers.
For truck and commercial vehicle wheels, the reduction will be more than 50%!

Herewith Fontijne Holland supports its customers as technology leader in the steel wheel production industry, without any quality compromises, to reduce energy and improves the carbon footprint of wheels on a sustainable way.

Save up to 66% of energy