Fontijne Holland – Experts for Sustainability

Service in the wheel production is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Sustainability challenges in the context of circular economy create new challenges in terms of refurbishment and keeping equipment in operation for longer periods of time. Our Services Department based in the Netherlands offers all essential services, retrofitting, consultancy, and spare parts during the equipment’s lifetime worldwide. We can provide suitable solutions to our clients through our own experience, supplemented by a large network of suppliers offering expert capabilities.

Fontijne Holland is able to help you to reduce the risk of failure of your equipment and can assure quick support for unexpected problems. As your experienced supplier, Fontijne Holland has all the knowledge of your machines and know-how in-house. Our technical specialists can get in touch with you or visit you at your location for regular inspection and / or (preventive) maintenance.

The Fontijne Holland Services Department can offer the following services in the wheel production:

Inspection / service visit

Maintenance activities have less priority due to mostly “daily business”, like production requirements, resulting in:

  • drop down of the efficiency,
  • increased scrape rate,
  • loss of production hours,
  • rejection of products,
  • late deliveries,
  • disappointed clients and shareholders,
  • loss of turnover and profit.

Fontijne Holland unburdens and helps returning to the original efficiency.
The following calculation gives an indication of how quickly the benefit is returned:
Depending on the situation, a visit of 1 or 2 weeks should be sufficient to improve the efficiency and scrap rate of a production line.

An easy production improvement of 5% will result already in additional production of wheels and corresponding turnover. This could result in an expected return on investment (ROI) within 10 days.

Rebuilds and Retrofits

Fontijne Holland focuses on keeping your equipment state-of-the-art by offering new technologies and upgrade packages that will keep the equipment running with optimal performance. This also contributes to the need for circular economy. If you have plans to invest in production capabilities, Fontijne Holland can provide a wide variety of solutions to improve or rebuild an ageing system.

Retrofit in wheel production

Process and Equipment Improvement

  • Upgrade of old motion controls.
  • Weld control system for resistance butt welding machines: Weld2000, Weld2009 and new developed Weld Control Fontijne Holland 2.0.
  • Replacement of machine control systems.
  • Exchange of existing hydraulic driven spindles by electric driven spindles and movements.
  • Exchange of existing leak detection flow measurement system by our state-of-the-art thermographic measurement system.
  • Quality improvements of rims, reducing the run-out.
  • Upgrade manual loading and unloading equipment by automatic loading and unloading.
  • We facilitate many more improvements, not mentioned in this list, contact Fontijne Holland to discuss all possibilities.

Features of the Services Department

  • Modems are used extensively to remotely monitor, adjust and troubleshoot equipment at the client’s site.
  • Multi-lingual technical professionals are fully available to support our clients at any place in the world.
  • Our locations near harbour and airport facilities ensure easy transport to our clients based worldwide.
Service at Fontijne Holland


Fontijne Holland has extensive experience as a builder of wheel production lines. Our experience enables us to advise our clients on optimising production processes, set-up of maintenance programs, etc.

Spare parts

Fontijne Holland is able to supply spare parts for the whole installed base of Fontijne (Holland and Grotnes) and Esam Italy equipment.

Advantages by ordering spare parts at Fontijne Holland:

  • Original (OEM) parts directly from machine supplier.
  • Guaranteed correct operation and fit.
  • In accordance with latest requirements.
  • Suitable alternative current (older) parts / systems.
  • Top-quality.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Modernization of current machinery.
  • Excellent support during assembly of the parts on request.

For more information about the parts and services supplied by Fontijne Holland, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

For North America and Mexico, you can contact our Partner SizTech LLC in Itasca ILL, capable to support you with service and spare parts directly from Itasca ILL. Please contact them by e-mail or telephone.

Spare part in wheel prodcution