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FAQ for wheel production line manufacturers

Are you looking for quick answers to the most important questions about the wheel production lines for rims? Then you’ve come to the right place. We answer the most frequently asked questions.

Fontijne Holland

Fontijne Holland is a new company based in the Netherlands under Dutch law, BV, using the IP of the rim production equipment from Fontijne Grotnes. As the employees at Fontijne Holland are former Fontijne Grotnes employees, all knowledge of all Fontijne Grotnes equipment is present.

Fontijne Holland has signed a code of conduct, for a safe and sustainable working environment for all employees.

Fontijne Holland is continuously working on making machines and processes more sustainable.

Wheel production machines and sale

Please send an email to and we will send you a questionnaire.

In general Fontijne Holland has four ranges:

For passenger car wheels:

  • diameter 13” – 18”
  • width 3,5” – 8”

For semi-truck wheels:

  • diameter 15” – 22,5”
  • width 3,5“ – 11,75”

For truck wheels:

  • diameter 17,5” – 24,5”
  • width 5,25” – 14”

For OTR wheels:

  • No standard range is defined. Different ranges than above mentioned are possible upon request. Please, contact us.

Fontijne Holland is able to manufacture all kind of metal forming machines. It has a lot of experience from past projects for different processes.

Fontijne Holland is able to manufacture equipment for the tire wheel assembly industry, based on an unique concept. Fontijne Holland does not manufacture balancing equipment but works together with different suppliers.

Fontijne Holland has representatives on several locations in the world to help and visit you. Please refer to the ‘Contact’ section of the website for specific contact information.


For installed base wheel equipment of Fontijne Holland, Grotnes and Fontijne Grotnes, the company Fontijne Holland has all the information to manufacture and purchase parts which are ever used. For other equipment, our engineers have the knowledge and information to help you with your needs.

Please provide the machine number, year of manufacture and order number of the machine the part belongs to. This information can be found on the indication plate located on a spot in plain sight on your machine. If you happen to know the part number of the specific part (to be found in the parts list in the manual) it will be helpful if you supply that too. A picture of the part is also very useful.

Fontijne Holland can provide service contracts at several service levels. Please contact Fontijne Holland for possibilities.

We will response to you within 1 to 2 days and explain what the options are.

Our service engineers have visa applications for most of the countries and can travel to our customers worldwide.

Jobs and internships

There are several very interesting challenges for higher professional education-students (in the Netherlands: HBO) and university-students. The challenge and the mentorship are in compliance with the educational level. We do have internships for secondary vocational education (in the Netherlands: MBO-VOL and BOL). It is possible to do a working and learning job in our workshop.

We are always open for applicants. Please refer to the ‘Career’ section of the website for the actual available jobs. Furthermore, we would always like to get in contact with future colleagues who are assertive and have an entrepreneurial attitude by means of an open application. Please send your application to

There are possibilities to work at home, depending on the position. We have simple to use IT solutions enabling working with an VPN connection from your house. We believe in the cooperation and synergy by personal contact, so working at home is limited for the number of days per week (in consultation).