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Electrifying Machine (= Making Sustainable)


Fontijne Holland manufactures automatic production lines for steel car rims (for passenger cars and trucks). These lines consist of various machines. The machines are powered by electric, as well as hydraulic drives (cylinders). Customers are requesting a (much) lower energy consumption for our line. Therefore, we are going to modify our machines and replace hydraulic drives with electric ones.

How we work:

You work collaboratively in a team with an engineer, sometimes a technician, and also occasionally a purchaser (so you are not working alone but rather working together towards the outcome). We use Inventor and the skeleton modeling method, where you will learn a lot from us. Collaborating with suppliers of, for example, drives, is also enriching your experience.

Desired end result of the assignment:

The desired outcome should be that we have a design in Inventor, including a TCD (Technical Construction File), along with all drawings necessary for manufacturing the components. Additionally, an assembly drawing for the installation must be included.

Furthermore, it should be ensured that the selected solutions are feasible and achievable. The choices are thus validated.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for an active, assertive student who is eager to get started and who generally just enjoys the process. You are enthusiastic about exploring solutions for drives and requesting quotes from suppliers.

We use Inventor and Vault, and working with these packages will be practiced (we have a learning module with assignments), so if you haven’t worked with these packages much, that’s not a problem.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Stakeholder interview transcripts and summary.
  2. Detailed requirements specification document.
  3. Research report on possible design solutions.
  4. System design documentation.
  5. Inventor model of the redesigned machine.
  6. Calculations.
  7. Final documentation summarizing the entire project, including any lessons learned and recommendations for future improvements.


The project is to be completed within the specified deadline. A detailed project plan outlining milestones and deadlines need to be provided upon project initiation.
Note: Regular progress updates and collaboration with Fontijne Holland personnel are expected throughout the project to ensure alignment with the company’s goals and requirements.


For more information or for questions, please contact our project supervisor:
Arthur Stehouwer,
Fontijne Holland,
Industrieweg 21,
3133 EE, Vlaardingen

We look forward to the successful development and design of a new solution for our machine.

Arthur Stehouwer,
Project Engineer