Respect the past, challenge the future

8 june, 2018

In September 1909 Andries Fontijne started a repair shop for ship engines in Schiedam. His sons Jo and Bram further developed the company and focused on mechanical engineering. The factory moved to Vlaardingen and Fontijne Holland started doing business internationally. Now Fontijne Holland is a globally oriented partner for the supply of wheel production line equipment and related services.

Jo Fontijne (1910 – 1975) often said: ‘respect the past, challenge the future’ and that is exactly what Fontijne still does every day. We combine our customers’ hands-on knowledge of the production processes with our in-depth experience in machine building, leading to the best possible solutions in the market. Fontijne Holland is a strong company and considered the world leader in production equipment and processes within the wheel production line business.

Standing still is moving backwards

After their father founded the company, his sons Jo and Bram followed in his footsteps and further innovated it. One of their slogans was ‘standing still is the same as moving backwards’. Fontijne Holland had a growing number of dedicated employees and was known for its good working atmosphere.

The company’s management was and still is always looking out for talent. Many employees are employed long-term. Jo and Bram Fontijne said: ‘It is all possible with people who can spot future opportunities. Fontijne Holland has a lot to offer to its people. Good colleagues prepared to work together with the so called ‘indestructibles’, the employees wearing silver and golden Fontijne company badges.’ Fontijne Holland focuses on investing in improving its employees’ level of knowledge, but also in increasing its capacity and developing new products.

Respect the past, challenge the future


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