A piece of Fontijne history

3 july, 2018

back to the fifties In the fifties orders from the rubber processing industry were the main focus of the engineering programme at Fontijne. Tyre presses, cutting machines and rollers were made in different sizes and shapes.

Jo Fontijne’s vision was that the construction of modern machinery would allow mechanisation of heavy manual work. Fontijne moved to a new building in Vlaardingen in 1954. Jo Fontijne founded the Vettenoord Industrial Association to achieve an active position within the fast growing community in Vlaardingen. The succes of Fontijne was built on the people that worked there. Right from the start Fontijne had a natural instinct for selecting the right person in the right place. Up until today Fontijne is still proactive and innovating and focused on attracting talented professionals.

A piece of Fontijne history


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